Saturday, February 23, 2013

Living on Cloud 9

If we have talked recently then I have probably told you that I have been on cloud 9. I have been riding highest wave I've seen in a long time. The wave started last Friday as we made our way to the DFW area for Success School. This is Advocare's Semi-Annual conference and it was incredible. Friday night started with opening ceremonies, the announcement of our next Success School being held at Cowboy's stadium, and some rewards. Saturday continued with trainings and stories from people who's lives have been forever changed because of Advocare. Sunday concluded with worship and a few more trainings. A couple of my favorite moments were worshiping with 25,000 people, hearing from George W. Bush, and the training by Jason Pannell. Check out some pictures below.

 Some of our endorsers on stage including Jason Witten, Sam Bradford, and Drew Brees

 Our new products were announced! We now have a minimally processed snack bar and vegetarian options for our shakes plus 3 new Spark Flavors!
One of the women of Advocare who also teaches on our Can You 24 DVD

WORSHIPING our Lord and Savior!

 Jason Witten joined by Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to announce the location of our next School! Cowboys Stadium here we come!

So those are just a few of the pictures from our weekend. That kicked off my high wave, but it kept going this week as I started my new job. On Monday I began at Covenant Health, one of the hospitals here in Lubbock. I am technically employed by our parent company St. Joseph Health based out of California, but work for our local hospital here. I am now back in recruiting where my heart has been all along. I also love it because it is a Christian organization. We start all of our meetings with prayer, we are encouraged to act as Jesus would have when serving others, and everyone is incredibly friendly. I am thrilled to be there! So if you are a nurse or work in the healthcare field and want to move to West Texas give me a shout! We have over 300 openings right now!

Finally, I want to leave you with a video of one of the speakers we got to hear from last weekend. His name is Jason Pannell and he is from Tennessee. He was a youth pastor before Advocare and he shared an incredible message with us last week. If you have got sometime I highly encourage watching it! I promise you will walk away with a smile on your face and a little more pep in your step!

Have a great weekend friends! Be Greater!