Monday, September 7, 2015

On the Brink of Change

I dusted off the keyboard today to find that I haven't written since April. APRIL! Wow! That was four months ago and I think I have felt every minute of it. I have sat down many times over the last several months itching to put words down. And yet every time I have stopped. Stopped to wonder what to write and it certainly hasn't been for a lack of things to write about.

In my last post I was on a mission to reset for sanity. I started the Whole 30 and 3 days later I quit. Rather than announce to all of you that I quit I just ignored it. When people, in passing. asked how it was going I laughed it off and answered with, "I WAS STARVING". Which was true. But it could of possibly also been that I just love spending my weekends baking too many things that the Whole 30 definitely doesn't allow. Like these.

And here is one of my donut monster wondering when I will be done taking pictures and actually give him 1!

Upon quitting the Whole 30, I began an inner dialogue with myself on what I was really trying to get out of it. The whole 30 mission and my mission do not exactly align and like any good business deal I am sure that must be a priority for success.

So the last 4 months I have spent a lot of time in dialogue with friends, family, mostly my husband(poor guy) about this crazy thing called life away from the blog. I would say I am exploring a lot of change right now. What I have been trying to come up with is exactly what my mission is right now and how I can achieve that with all of the daily life balances.

I am excited about where I am going. I don't have many details to share today, but what I did want to say is this Labor Day has opened my eyes to a lot. It's been one of the best, most convicting, restful, yet productive weekends I have had in a long time. I pray you will stay tuned for some of the changes to come. And with that I will leave you with some photos of my goofy little boy that I took this morning.