Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Capturing the Latest in this Wonderful Life

Golly it’s been a while since I have been able to find time to write! Let’s recap the last 2 months.

- Ended my career in Higher Ed for at least a little while to officially restart my career in recruiting. It is PERFECT!! I love recruiting and I love my team. I work with some of the best women in Lubbock, I am convinced of it. We also get daily reflections like this in our email. I love them.

- Ran another half marathon. This one was a trail though and let me tell you…it was brutal! Lots of fun though!

- We have done lots of house projects on the weekend. New headboard. New patio. New garden areas. It feels very homey around here this Spring. My heart is singing!

- We went to our first rodeo in 2 years!! It had been much too long! This has also prompted me to begin horseback riding lessons. Some of you may know, but I have a long time goal of competing in a rodeo. This girl is beginning to make that dream a reality even if it is with baby steps. You gotta start somewhere!

- We have continued to rock people’s world with some of the best nutrition on the market. Loving this company and the people more and more each day.

That basically sums it up. It has been a beautiful couple of months!   What are you celebrating these days?