Monday, December 31, 2012

Casting Vision for 2013

Here we are at the end of the year again and I can hardly believe it. I remember days over the summer thinking this year would never end. I remember days in February and March thinking the weeks couldn't go any slower in anticipation of a job for Zeb. I most recently remember long days of being pregnant and then not being pregnant. This year has been one of extreme ups and downs. I have rode the roller coaster of my life this year, but here we are at the brink of 2013 and it feels like it flew by. Those memories are now ready to be tucked away and I will honestly say in hopes of a much better 2013.

Many, many people spend this time of year in reflection and looking to what their future holds. For me this time of year has become one of vision casting. It is not so much about what 2012 was or wasn't, but more so about what I hope 2013 will be. I heard a great message yesterday about vision casting and they defined vision. They said vision is the future you want to create. So, what is your vision for 2013?

There are 3 things that have become a part of my routine at the beginning of each year.

1. Fasting-My church instilled this in me and for the last 2 years I have spent 21 days in January fasting in some way. The first year I did a partial day fast from 6am-3pm consuming liquids only. Last year Zeb and I did the Daniel fast from 6am-3pm. If you aren't familiar with the Daniel fast it is basically becoming a vegan. You eat nothing but fruits, veggies, and water for the most part. You can have other stuff but it can't include dairy, preservatives, meat, etc. This was extremely difficult for us! This year I plan to fast sugar all day, everyday from Jan. 2nd to Jan. 22nd. I know that doesn't seem that difficult, but for me this is huge. I am a sugar fanatic. I crave it and I eat it all the time! That also means wine, which I consume regularly. However, fasting during this time is meant to be a time of worship. It is giving up the first part of your year so God will bless the rest. Much like you would give the first 10% of your income or the first part of your day. You give to God first and He will take care of the rest.

2. One Word-Some of you may remember my one word post last year, but this is something I enjoyed and plan to continue doing. Instead of selecting lots of different things to define your new year, you just select one word and allow it to create a foundation for your year. For 2013 I have chosen Joy. More to come on that selection later.

3. Goals-I prefer goals over resolutions. This year I was able to complete one of my biggest goals which was running a half marathon. It was a proud moment, but it didn't happen until November. I don't like resolutions because they tend to revolve around the beginning of the year. When you achieve them or you give up on them, you lose the vision for the rest of your year. I like to set goals in 4 different ways: personal, professional, relational, and goals with Zeb. I also try to keep the lists small and realistic. Some of my goals in each area this year include:
Personal-Obtaining certifications as another step in creating my part time fitness and wellness business
Professional-learn more than lead, work more than achieve
Relationally-have at least 3 girls weekends 
Goals with Zeb-Pay off $25,000 in debt

So there you have it. I hope by sharing my yearly habits around the new year I have inspired you to find a way to cast vision for your own 2013. These three things are what help me get focused, build a foundation, and create the future I want to have. What does it look like for you?

Please feel free to share your yearly habits. I would love to know how others prepare for the new year!

Monday, December 17, 2012

8 Days to Christmas!!

On the 8th day of Christmas Sasha gave to me...8 sets of tricep dips! 

If you aren't familiar with these they are simple. You can do them on a step so you are elevated off the ground. Straighten your legs out and lift your bottom up. Put your arms about 6 inches behind you with your hands facing toward you and just dip. If those get hard you can simply stay sitting on the ground with your hands on the same level and dip. I promise you will still feel it. #12days2XmasWellness

Happy Monday! Only 8 days to Christmas!! 

It's a lifestyle. #health #fitness

Friday, December 14, 2012

On the 11th Day of Christmas...

On the 11th day of Christmas Sasha gave to me 11 sets of 10 push ups. 

Be sure to give yourself 30 seconds between sets. I can promise this one will hurt...well that is if you are anything like me and NEVER get better at push ups no matter how many you do. Also, don't forget to post if you are joining me in this effort. #12days2xmaswellness

Only 11 days to Christmas!!

No regrets. #fitness #motivation

Thursday, December 13, 2012

On The 12th Day of Christmas...

On the 12th day of Christmas Sasha gave to me...12 sets of 30 second squats. Do squats for 30 seconds and rest 30 seconds in between each set.

Hope you will join me in counting down to Christmas with 12 days of short exercises! Don't forget to use #12days2xmaswellness once you have completed it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Days 2 Xmas Wellness!

Alright, I have got another activity I would love for you to join in with! Tomorrow will begin the 12 day countdown to Christmas. In honor of one of my favorite songs, The 12 Days of Christmas, I thought it would be fun to do 12 Days 2 Xmas Wellness as a way to countdown!

If you remember I challenged you to be active the entire month of December in an effort to beat all the others to the January 1st workout resolution. Well now I have got 12 days of very short exercises that can help you be active until at least Christmas!

Here is how it will work. I am posting the 12 days upfront. So each day take 5-10 minutes to complete the exercise. You can add it on to your normal routine or just do that exercise for the day. Just doing SOMETHING is better than nothing! When you complete it feel free to tweet or instagram your completion using #12days2XmasWellness. You could also Facebook it, but as we know Facebook isn't a hash tag friendly site.

I will post the list first thing tomorrow morning. I hope this serves as a quick, easy, and fun way to burn a few extra calories this holiday season. Now get moving folks!