Monday, October 17, 2011

October is Full of Fun!

This last Saturday was another adventuresome one. We were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather and decided to spend the early hours exploring a local farmers market and pumpkin patch.

This is where we picked up some apple pie filling, apple butter, and fresh salsa! Yum

Next we made a visit to the Carmichael's pumpkin patch. Check out all the pumpkins and cool fall vegetables they had on hand!

 As soon as I got home I got right on making an Apple Pie. The goal was to make the crust from scratch. Well keep reading to see how that worked.
 First, let me just say if you don't have one of these you are missing out on a very essential appliance in the kitchen. This food processor has allowed me to explore many creations in the kitchen.

 This is 3 cups of flour and 1 1/2 cups of shortening. I quickly pulsed that together until it was "corn meal" like for about 30 pulses. Following that I added 1 egg, ice cold water, and vegetable oil. You can find the exact recipe on The Pioneer Woman.
 Once the dough was made I got this 3 times. Basically I separated it in thirds and placed in the freezer. I only had it in the freezer for 30 minutes, but I recommend longer if you can allow it. Mine was not very easy to work with after 30 minutes.
 Then I poured a glass of wine. Essential step in pie crust making. Especially when rolling dough is the next task.
 30 minutes has just passed. I made Zeb some buffalo chicken dip to enjoy while watching the Pokes kick some Texas butt and now I am floured and ready to roll. No pun intended.
This was my first attempt at rolling out the dough. Not quite big enough
 Making lets transfer to the pie pan.
 Perfect! or not...After the previous picture I failed miserably three times. I pouted and threw a fit and then this happened. Perfect pie crust by my perfect husband. Ok maybe he is not perfect, but he wouldn't let me take a picture of him to prove that so you will just have to take my word for it.
 I finished it off with some pretty pinches to create a store bought look. It doesn't look store bought? Flatter me folks!
 And this is the delicious filling that will now go inside!
 Wa la! Apple pie ready for the oven. Almost. The topping was not very successful so until my next attempt I will just have to leave you with this!

Next weekend's itinerary includes hiking Turkey mountain in the morning and checking out the Oktoberfest.

Live life on purpose. You only get one chance. Make it yours!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tulsa State Fair

Last Saturday Zeb and I went to the fair. The fair itself was not that amusing. Actually at one point when we were walking around I found myself completely disgusted. I was disgusted by the filth surrounding me and the amount of money being wasted on GIANT stuffed animals. We didn't ride any rides and actually just did a lot of sitting and watching people.

The reason we had decided to go was really to attend the rodeo and then watch Chris Young after. Prior to making it over to the rodeo though we caught a little fair food and a wild west show.

Once we made it into the rodeo grounds my entire mood changed. My heart swells for the rodeo! I love country folk and how appreciative they are of God and this country. I love the animals, the smells, the rodeo queens, and even the clowns.

Isn't the dirt so pretty??

 This was their last rodeo. Such a sweet moment!

 The clown acts are probably my second favorite behind the barrel racing. I told Zeb that I wanted our kids to be in rodeos. Truthfully, I want to be in the rodeo. I guess I feel like I have a better chance if I get my kids in first.

 After the rodeo Chris Young came on. I love Chris Young. Let me tell you why I love Chris Young. Besides the fact that he sounds great and has great songs, Chris Young is that good ole' boy that you just can't help but like. He is so big and goofy and genuine. It is so obvious in his every move and I love that about him.

 Whoops! I forgot it was on zoom! ;)

Zeb thought he needed to do something extra to to make the picture better....I told him it wasn't necessary.

Thank God for much needed days out, big dreams, and handsome husbands!