Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happiness is Powerful

I am reading this book right now called "Everyday a Friday". It is written by a pastor, probably a well-known pastor, and the entire book is on the idea of being positive. There are 27 chapters talking about how to approach life and situations with positivity and happiness. You know that feeling you get when it's Friday and you are looking forward to the weekend and that positive forward motion is just carrying you through the day? Well take that and apply it to everyday. What does it look like?

I am about half way through and honestly I really like it. I really like everything he is saying because it has truly allowed for me to be intentional and more thoughtful in my interactions with others. The stuff he is writing is not rocket science stuff. It is just everyday life with a positive spin.

You see, I think sometimes it can be so natural to be critical or negative in today's America. While a lot of people might find this book annoying or impossible, I think it is a fresh perspective and a good reminder that we were created to be happy people. We were meant to show love and joy. Don't let people take that from you. My new boss has us start each staff meeting with our happiness advantage. We each get to go around and say one thing or multiple things that we are especially happy about this week. She believes in the happiness advantage and that people can truly make a difference when approaching life with that perspective. I am totally on board!

Food for Thought:
Start each day saying; I want someone else's life to be better because I was alive and breathing today.
I want to be a person of excellence, have an attitude of faith, bless my enemies, and be good to people.

So, what is your happiness advantage today?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blessings All Around

This morning I feel ultra sensitive to the fact that I am so blessed to have the ability to read, write, walk, run, laugh, think, and just be me. I am not sure what has brought about this sensitivity, but I am oddly aware that my currently ability to type this blog should not be taken for granted. Maybe it is the book I am reading right now, or the car accident I saw on the way to work this morning, or the wisdom I am gaining through daily readings of His word; whatever it is I am glad for this awareness. Blessings surround me, this I know.

This weekend we went to Arizona to visit my family. I wish I had more pictures, I have got to get better at that, but it was wonderful. We played games, got pedicures, and spent lots of snuggle time with my new little nephew. I also got some new running shoes. It was short, but sweet.

We are back to the real world this week and for quite a while. The hustle and bustle of holiday travel is long gone, which will allow for some normalcy in this life. I am looking forward to making the move next weekend to our new home, cracking down on my running (only 12 weeks till the half!), and enjoying this beautiful winter that we are experiencing here in Tulsa! Seriously, since when can you hike outdoors in January in Oklahoma without freezing your toosh off?!

What blessings are you surrounded by?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happiness Abounds

Today I am thrilled for so many reasons.

1. Last night was our life group night and I love spending time with the other two couples sharing food and life. I cherish those nights.
2. Following life group I made homemade hot cocoa and sat by the fire with my handsome husband.
3. Tomorrow we get to celebrate one of my sweet friends birthdays and spend time with her husband too. Another couple I love.
4. Next week at this time I will be packing and going to be early to get ready for an early flight to Arizona to see my family and my brand new nephew!
5. I am eating a homemade strawberry mango smoothie right this moment while typing this post and watching moneyball.
6. I had a great conversation and lunch with my boss today.
7. I ran tonight at a faster pace.

I could honestly go on and on. There is so much to be thankful smile about. They may be little things but they can create one big smile on this girls face. Today I could hardly believe it was Wednesday. This week has been busy in a good way and I am distracted with goals and friends.

I hope you are finding something to smile about. Happy Hump Day!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Living the Better Life

Today was officially one week into my training for the half-marathon. So far so good. I have even lost a few pounds already!! Added bonus. Today was hard though. I mean I only had to run 3.5 miles, but it was hard. And as I was running I thought, how will I ever do 10 more miles than this?? But I will.

This year I am determined.

This year I am motivated.

This year is my year.

You see I am determined to accomplish things this year. I want to make spiritual, personal, professional, and marital movements this year. It's not that I won't have other years (God-willing) to accomplish things, but this year I am feeling EXTRA-ordinary. And the way I look at it, why not take advantage of this extra energy stirring inside of me to be great and do great? I pray this energy sticks around for awhile!

This weekend was nice. We took down Christmas decs finally and watched movies. Sometimes the simplicity of just lounging is so perfect and much needed!! We have one month left in our little apartment before we move across town to our new little house. God has been so good to us providing a nice little house to rent in the right location at the right price. It will allow us to work hard at our debt and still live comfortably. I also just got word that I am on the verge of moving into a recruiter role at work which is another prayer answered. I am just overwhelmed by the goodness of it all. Not shocked by it, just overwhelmed.

Why live the good life, when you can live the better life with God?

"Better is one day in your courts, than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than dwell in the tents of the wicked"-Psalm 48:10

Monday, January 2, 2012

My 2012 Foundation is Built


That shall be my word for 2012

Allow me to explain

When I began this process of establishing my word for 2012 I knew a few things. I knew I wanted 2012 to be rewardingly challenging, full of showing grace, and adventuresome. I began writing down words that illustrated some of these desires. As I did more research googling, reading definitions and synonyms, and reflecting on goals I was pleased when I stumbled across relate.

Some Synonyms: let one's hair down, narrate, set forth, shoot the breeze, lay it on the line, get off one's chest, divulge, depict, impart.

Definition: to tell, to give an account; to establish association; to have reference; to have some relation; to establish a social or sympathetic relationship with a person or thing

Latin word: Relatus defined as narration, telling of events, derived from the Medieval Latin word Referre.

Referre defined as to bring, carry back; give, payback, render; it matters, makes a difference, is of importance; bring back news, record.

And there it was...Referre translated in Latin as Relatus translated in English to Relate. The very core of the word from medieval latin is what solidified my word for 2012.

I will relate with others in order to bring joy and grace to their lives.
I hope to carry back experiences and stories when spending time with others.
I hope to give generously while paying or rendering back large amounts of debt.
I hope to show others that kindness matters and should be practiced regularly.
I hope to make a difference with my diligence.
I hope to help others realize their story is of importance and worth sharing and I want it to be shared with me.
I hope to bring back great news of the things that God is doing in my life
And I hope to record in my journals all that I accomplish this year in order to share one day down the road with my kids that dreams are important and goals can be met.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 will serve as my verse of the year.
"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing"

As with any new year Zeb and I also set some goals for this year. We based them around the 5 spokes of a healthy life; spiritual, relationships, financial, physical, and work.

In a nutshell we have set a huge goal for paying off debt and if we stick to it we could be debt free in three years. I am expectantly praying HARD for God to help us with this one as it will require saying no a lot and great discipline!! We are shooting for 3 new books as a couple read and I would individually like to read a book every month. We want to spend more time with friends and taking walks with one another and go on a vacation.

I also hope to run my first half-marathon this year, spend more time in the Bible, be intentional with my actions and relationships, and do some self learning.

2011 was a great year, but 2012 will be MY year!