Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Scream for Ice Cream!

When I was in college at NAU, there was a short time where I got addicted to these little ice cream bars.

They are the perfect combination of crisp chocolate and hard vanilla ice cream. Not soft and melted ice cream, that is bad, we need the hard ice cream. Man, they were good. Then the other night happened. I was at my apartment and a commercial came on for the new dark chocolate ice cream bar by dove.

Ok so I have a small problem with Dark Chocolate, similar to my problem with wine and cheese and currently oranges. It is perfect bliss in your mouth. Therefore, when I saw this commercial it immediately took me back to my days at NAU with the Haagen Dazs bars and my joy for those, but then...imagine it with dark chocolate...even better. I tried to ignore this thought in hopes that the craving would rid itself from my mind in remembrance that I have a dress to fit into in 38 days that fits perfect right now. But one bar won't hurt right? I mean I could eat as little amount of calories all day, workout and one bar would be no harm. Plus if I had one bar it would completely demolish the craving in mind and then I could go on with life knowing that my craving had been satisfied. Just one.

So that is exactly what happened last night. I was dead set on getting one bar. I ate minimally all day, burned 450 calories in my workout (which technically would cover two bars if I really wanted) and then at 9:30 last night I talked Zeb into going to Wal-mart with me to do some "grocery shopping". Truth be told I did need some other groceries, but there was one motive in mind to the late night trip. And yes 9:30 is late for me as my eye lids usually start to close between 10 and 10:30. We slowly wandered into Wal-mart hitting the normal aisles and I got more excited as we headed towards the back. Just as we hit the frozen section I sent Zeb off to grab some milk and told him I was just going to look at something down here. There was no turning back at this point. I hit the frozen ice cream bars and my eyes lit up. My only problem was there were no single packages, only boxes of 3. Problem?? I think not. As I stared at my options I told Zeb that I only intended on getting one, but since there were only boxes I was going to need his help in eating the others so I could stay on track. He agreed, like a good man would that is trying to help his dear fiance control her cravings and her waistline in the same hand. So I went with these...

No regrets!

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